Gifts for all

Someone thanked me the recently for being true to the gifts God has given me and it made me stop and wonder for a second why people think that spiritual gifts are only for a select few. I get that God gives out greater levels of anointing and different callings to different people but what I see in 1 Corinthians 12-14 is this idea that there are a variety of gifts available to all believers and we are told to desire these gifts (14:1) so it seems to me that if more believers would start stepping out in faith we would see an increase in these gifts being used through everyone. That is why I love teaching others how to listen to what God is speaking and then taking the risk to share what they think they heard. Yes, some people will hear more clearly and some people will operate at greater levels in their giftings but that doesn’t preclude everyone from jumping into the pool. Everyone cannot be a pastor because we would all be preaching to empty churches and everyone cannot be an evangelist because we wouldn’t have anyone to win over but when it comes to healing, prophecy, etc. we can all ask for and expect to receive those gifts. Jesus told us at the end of the last chapter in Mark that believers would heal the sick and cast out demons (by the way, there is no “gift of casting out demons” mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12) so let’s just go do what Jesus said and change the world one prophecy, word of knowledge, healing, and dead raising at a time.

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