Give it away

There’s this verse in the Bible that talks about when you give others will give back to you in greater measure (Luke 6:38).  Over the years most have equated this to finances and many pastors have used it in their messages about tithing or giving to a good cause that the church was supporting.  Those are legitimate teachings but I think this verse has an even deeper meaning and reaches across so many other areas of life.  Essentially the verse says give and you’ll get back more than you gave.  If you ask God for joy and then give that away to someone else, God will increase your joy to a greater level.  Then you can give that away and get even more, continuing a lifelong cycle of releasing what God has given you into others’ lives.  Joy is just one example and I think the concept exists evenly throughout His kingdom so go give away what God has given to you.  And then ask for other stuff to give away.  This is really the core of partnering with what God is doing because he loves to give stuff away.

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