Is there any limit to God’s grace? Is there any limit to how much grace God offers to each of us?
Sometimes I think that the level of grace within the Church is not the same unconditional grace that God has for all of us. Think about this for a minute, if someone walked into your church and said they used to be a drug dealer before they had a radical encounter with God, most churches would celebrate this person’s salvation. I can’t think of any situation where a Christian would not be happy to welcome this person into their church and into their life. And if the same person said they used to be a homosexual before God freed them of that lifestyle, we would again celebrate. We love to hear stories of redemption and testimonies of how God showed up in someone’s life to restore their true identity and place them back on the path that they were destined to live.

But if we take this same scenario and the person says that they used to be a human trafficker, or a child molester, or a serial killer, would the Church have the same level of grace? I think the reaction would be quite different because we are still conditioned to want to see judgement for certain types of sins. Yes, these are horrible crimes and horrible sins and there needs to be some form of justice but look at the life of the Apostle Paul; he was a murderer of Christians but that didn’t stop God from turning his life around and using him for profoundly amazing purposes. Every person has a purpose and a destiny assigned by God (See Jer. 1:5) but people tend to live the way that they do because they don’t know who they really are and they don’t know how much God loves them. Our job is to bring them an encounter with Jesus so they can be fully restored. Without us they may never know the truth!

So I really feel like the Church needs to have more grace and be willing to love and forgive anyone with no exceptions. And I think we tend to get excited about grace when it fits our paradigm or are needs but we quickly discard it from the equation when it involves someone or something we really dislike. Jesus died for ALL sin. Can we really love the way Jesus does? Can we really look into the eyes of any person on this planet and share the heart of the Father with them?

Let’s give it a try and see how many lives are changed.

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