Hand over face

We can pursue God with a passion and a desire to be used by him in great ways. But some people actually have a problem with this and I have heard people ask about chasing the hand of God instead of the face of God; it’s this idea that those who pursue the miraculous are more interested in God’s power than they are in having a relationship with him. Can we really pursue a relationship with God without also pursuing everything he stands for and everything he has for us? We don’t do this in other relationships. We don’t form friendships and then tell the other person not to be themselves around us. We form relationships to get to know other people, to share in their passions, to hear about their dreams, and to participate in their lives. So as we cultivate a relationship with God we should expect him to share his desires with us. We should expect him to tell us what he is passionate about and to invite us to participate with him in what he is doing. All throughout the Bible we see God weaving his passions and desires into and through the lives of his servants. He wants us to passionately pursue his presence. And he also wants us to passionately pursue a lifestyle that releases what he has for others. You can’t seek the face of God and not get the hand of God as well. God is not fractured and he is not looking for surface relationships with his people. It has to be all or nothing. Any pursuit that is less than that robs you of the purpose for which you were created.
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