Healing Models

If you spend any time around me, you know that I am passionate about God’s supernatural healing power and about seeing people supernaturally healed of any kind of physical, mental, or emotional illnesses. The level of impact this has on a person’s life is almost always unmeasurable, especially if they have had an illness for a long time or are unable to pay for medical care. And it’s exciting to watch someone healed in just a few seconds; it has become almost second nature to pray for healing anywhere I go. Nobody really knows how this works other than to say that Jesus told us people would be healed when we pray. But, over the years, different people have created methods or models to help guide others in how to pray. Most of these models are good but we have to remember that they are just models. The power isn’t in the model we use, the power is in the authority Jesus has given to us. When I first started to pray for people to be supernaturally healed, I used one of these models and learned that it was very effective. But as I grew in faith I began to realize that I could skip some of the steps and still see people healed. It was then that I began to realize the authority we carry allows us to command the body to be healed and command sickness and disease to leave regardless of how we do it.

I didn’t have words to put to this idea until I heard someone teaching one night and he said that we can administer our gift in any way we want to. There isn’t a specific prayer we have to pray or a specific order we have to pray in. We don’t even have to pray! We can simply declare and expect it to happen. I saw a man with a bad knee one day and I told him that he would be healed after walking about 20 feet to a building and then back to where I was standing. We didn’t need to pray, I simply put faith into action and he was healed by the time he got back to me.

Often times, when we are ministering on the streets, we don’t have time to go through a list of steps because someone passing by may not be interested in what we have to give. So, we just have to cut right to the point of healing before they walk away. Jesus modeled a variety of ways to bring healing. Sometimes he just told someone they were healed, other times he verbally rebuked the sickness, and my personal favorite is when he made mud out of his spit and some dirt and then rubbed it on a blind man’s eyes. It seems like he always did it differently and maybe that was because he wanted us to see that it is up to us to administer the gift as we see fit. Smith Wigglesworth used to punch people and they would be healed! I’m not sure that is a method that would go over so well today so don’t try that one. But, find what works naturally for you and watch God do amazing things when you step out in faith. You just might be surprised how easy this really is.

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