Heaven’s Attraction

I heard a great phrase this week from Brian Guerin, it’s something I have experienced plenty of times but I never had a term to apply to the experience. He said that heaven is attracted to itself. He continued to share some stories but I was stuck on that phrase and pondered its meaning for several more hours. I have found that when we share testimony stories, more miracles tend to happen. I have seen others healed just from watching a video testimony of someone else being healed! It seems to be the manifestation of Rev. 19:10, “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” When we testify about what Jesus has done, it can become prophetic in the life of the person or people that we share the story with. Heaven is attracted to itself. Jesus is attracted to the Father. The Father is attracted to Holy Spirit. When you talk about Jesus, he shows up. It’s like he’s saying, yeah I did that, and I’ll do it again for you too! There’s something about testimonies that draws the presence of God, angels, and supernatural events. I met a man this week who said he had bad knees and I told him, “knees are my specialty.” We see knees healed so regularly that I have a high degree of faith and expectation and I often tell the person who needs a healing about the knee miracles we have already seen. And then, Jesus shows up and heals another knee. Listen, Jesus loves to heal people, and he loves it when we tell others what he is up to. The more we talk about Jesus, the more famous he becomes in the earth, and the more his kingdom takes hold on this planet. So, when you meet someone who needs a miracle, tell them a story of a miracle Jesus has done before, then watch Jesus show up again!

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