Hope from Hopelessness

I’m not entirely sure why, but Jesus seems to love showing up in the midst of the poorest members of society. I am constantly amazed at what Jesus will do when we take the risk of ministering to people in some of the worst possible situations. We had the opportunity this week to minister at a location that provides food, clothing, and other services to those experiencing homelessness. We were excited to take God’s love into a place we hadn’t been before, but you never really know what is going to happen until you are in the midst of the moment. So, we went, with an expectation that God would do something amazing. And he did! We prayed for a few people without seeing any immediate results, but after about 30 minutes, the presence of God filled the room and miracles started to manifest one after the other. One person was healed of multiple injuries. Then, the first person we prayed for when we walked in, came back to tell us that he was also healed. Then another, and another, and another. This continued for the rest of the time we were there as each person we prayed for received something from Jesus. It seems that hope abounds where there is hopelessness. I love seeing God show up wherever we minister but there is something special about these moments. Honestly, I prefer ministering in these environments so much more than on the inside of a church. There I something about an environment of extreme need that attracts the presence and power of God in an amazing way. I was listening to a song this morning by Johnathan David Helser that spoke about being thankful for Jesus showing up and changing lives even though he doesn’t have to show up at all. He doesn’t have to show up, but he always does. And I love watching him work.

We uploaded a few new testimonies from this night to our YouTube channel, check them out here:
YouTube – Wounded No More

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