Hungry Enough?

What would you do if you were hungry and you had to search for something to eat? How much energy would you put into pursuing what you needed? I recently read something from Rolland Baker that provides some really good insight on this:

“The hungriest people will always push and shove their way to the front of the line to receive the bread. There’s no “Well, if we get it, we get it; if we don’t, we don’t.” Sometimes the Church is like that. “Whatever God wants to do is okay with me,” we say. “I’m here if He wants to show up.” Yet, something about the person with an all-consuming desperation for Jesus touches his heart.”

There’s a tenacity that comes with hunger. There’s a reality that if you don’t get fed you will die. It’s a survival instinct. Hungry people can’t sit in a soup kitchen and wait for someone to bring them food. They go and get what they need to survive. It breaks my heart to see so many spiritually starving people who sit in a church week after week without actually pursuing what they need. Passively sitting, waiting for God to come to you might work. But pursuing him with all you have, giving up anything that gets in the way, and going any distance to find him is a guarantee that you will be fed. Jeremiah 29:13 says “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” There’s nothing passive about that statement. I often find myself asking God to give others more hunger. I want to see people passionately pursue God with everything they have because I know that level of passion will change the world.


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