Impartation vs. Intimacy

I love the idea of impartation. I love the idea that I can receive something from God through the prayer of someone who carries what I need. We see this idea pop up in a few different places in the Bible. In 1 Timothy 4:14 and 2 Timothy 1:6, Paul references the gifts Timothy had as a result of being prayed for by Paul and the elders. In Romans 1:11, he tells the believers in Rome that he longs to come to them to impart a spiritual gift. And if we jump back to the Old Testament we see a similar concept in the life of Moses. In Numbers 11, we see that Moses was overwhelmed with the task of leading the Israelites, so the Lord had him gather 70 leaders from among the group to help him. And God told Moses that he would put on those leaders the same spirit that he had put on Moses. In verse 17 it says that God took from the Spirit that was on Moses and put it on these leaders. These leaders received what Moses had through impartation, and Timothy received what Paul had through impartation. I have prayed a prayer of impartation over people and watched the sick get healed through their hands just a few minutes later. Impartation is a powerful way to release people into something new. But impartation will only get you so far. I like to think of impartation as the lighting of a fire in someone’s life that gives them a taste of their true identity and starts them down a path of greater intimacy with God. The impartation gives you a quick shot in the arm, but the intimacy keeps the fire going and causes it to grow into a blazing bon fire that can’t be extinguished. We need impartation, but we need intimacy even more. I have ben prayed for by some of the great leaders of our faith and I have definitely received an impartation of what they carry. And it made me hungrier for more of God. It made me realize even more that I can do nothing without Him. And so, I go back to that place of intimacy and spend more time laying before his throne, pursuing his presence, and pouring out my heart to the one who has given everything for me. It’s in this place of intimacy where we receive even greater measures of what the world needs. And it’s from this place of intimacy that the world is changed. Impartation will get you started, but intimacy will get you to the finish line.

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