Increase our faith

I spoke to a man this past week who had been so sick for several days that he hadn’t been able to successfully eat anything. I prayed for him then declared that he would be able to eat on that day and that the sickness was gone. His response was this: “God willing.” So, I told him about how it is always God’s will to heal and that there is no reason why God would want anyone to be sick. We talked about how some people believe God will put sickness on someone to teach them something and how that idea makes no sense. Why would God ever want to make someone sick? He wants us to live in perfect health! He agreed with me and a few minutes later he was eating some granola bars without any problems. I don’t know why we let this type of theology into our teaching. I have heard several great teachers talk about how we often let our experiences determine our theology. That’s not a wise way to live our lives. Our beliefs should not be driven by our experiences they should be determined by what God said. If God said it, it has to be true, and anything in conflict with what God said must be wrong. I think the reason we don’t see some of the things we want to see is because we don’t fully believe what God has said. I don’t say that lightly. There is so much I haven’t seen that I want to see. This reminds me of the verse in Luke 17:5 where the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith. It’s a great request that we all should make. Increase our faith, Lord, so that we can fulfill every task for which you created us.

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