Jewels, gold dust, and weddings

I love seeing supernatural signs but, since they are supernatural, we don’t always have an explanation as to what they mean. We look for examples in the scripture to help explain these occurrences and sometimes we find similarities but other times we don’t have any verses to make a comparison. There has been an occurrence over the past decade (maybe longer) where jewels appear on the floor during a worship service or something like gold dust covers the hands and faces of people in a meeting. Gold and jewels are both mentioned in the bible but never in this context so how can we possibly explain this other than to say that God loves to lavish gifts on his children. And, since he is supernatural, we should expect him to do supernatural stuff that we don’t understand. Well, I saw a post on Facebook this week that made me think there was a better explanation for the supernatural jewels and gold dust and it is rooted in an old Jewish custom.

Jesus was Jewish, so it makes sense that at least some of his parables and teachings would have some connection to the Jewish people that he interacted with every day. In Jewish tradition, when a man and woman became engaged, there would be a time of separation before the official wedding ceremony where the man would go back to his own father’s home and start preparing a place to live after the wedding. Typically, there wasn’t a set time for when the wedding would take place so the bride would continue living with her parents until groom returned. Jesus is often referred to as the bridegroom in the Christian faith so in John 14, when Jesus told the disciples that he was going away to prepare a place for us and mentioned his Father’s house, it was a reference to this same Jewish marriage custom. Just like a groom would go to prepare a place for his bride, Jesus left to prepare a place for us. Another part of this custom was that when the time drew near for the wedding ceremony, the groom would send gifts of jewelry and gold to his bride so she could adorn herself for the wedding.

So, maybe, the jewels and gold dust are a sign that the time for the return of Jesus is drawing closer. We have seen the gold dust quite frequently. The dash of our car was covered in it once after we left a church service and it often appears on our hands when we talk about it. We have also seen jewels drop out of thin air and onto the floor in front of us. It’s an incredible sign that seems to be happening more frequently and I think the best response we can give is to continue to draw closer to Jesus so that we can minister to others from that place of intimacy. There are so many people who don’t know him yet and won’t be ready when he returns. Our job is to make that introduction.

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