Let it go

Throughout life we often encounter situations where someone wrongs us in a way that leaves an emotional wound or hurt to such a degree that we have a lot of difficulty forgiving them for what they did.  Forgiveness is a big deal.  Jesus said if we don’t forgive other we will not be forgiven.  He made the point about how inappropriate it is to ask God for forgiveness and then turn around and not forgive someone who wronged us?  But there is more to the story.  Unforgiveness often leads to anger and bitterness and then over time will turn into hatred.  I have met a lot of people who have been carrying unforgiveness for many years and as a result they have turned into bitter hateful people.  Not because they want to be that way, but because the unforgiveness changes them to a point that it pushes others away.  It’s easy to hold grudges and it is difficult to forgive but we have to recognize the damage we do to ourselves when we hold onto those grudges.  It’s better to just let it go and let God deal with the situation.  He’s a way better judge anyways.

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