Listen Up

One thing I often have a tough time understanding is why so many followers of Jesus search for the answers to their biggest questions in so many places, instead of just talking to him. We search for answers to who we are by taking different personality tests. We look for the answer to how to solve our disputes by reading books by human experts. And we try to find solutions to our problems looking into ancient solutions and practices. There are lots of great places to find information and solutions. Using the methods we have on earth are not necessarily a bad approach, but there is a much better one. Although, as a side note, some of the currently popular personality tests are rooted in Buddhist and Hindu practices and should never be used by believers as they can easily give the enemy a right to oppress us.

What’s more important, what people say about you or what God says about you? Who has greater wisdom, man or God? Is it better to look for ancient solutions or to talk to the Ancient of Days? I get it, some people feel like God isn’t talking to them, or that they can’t hear him clearly. But then I remember that Jesus said his sheep would hear his voice, and anyone who takes the time to practice the simple art of listening to him will develop the ability to recognize when he is speaking and what he is saying. That may sound over simplified to you, but it really is that simple. We can hear the voice of God for ourselves. We can receive wisdom and advice directly from our Creator. Is there a better source? Absolutely not! So, let’s stop looking for cheap imitations, simply believe what Jesus said, and take time to listen.

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