Living by the Spirit

Living from a spiritual perspective should be an everyday experience for any Christian believer but it’s sometimes difficult to practically apply this idea to our lives because we tend to naturally focus on the physical realm around us since it is so easy to interact with. But Galatians 5 tells us in a few different verses that we should live by the Spirit instead of by the flesh; so what does that look like from a practical perspective? I think living by the Spirit simply means viewing and engaging with our environment from the perspective of heaven. Jesus highlighted this in several different ways when he said things like on earth as it is in heaven or when he talked about believers being the light of the world. We are not simply physical beings having a spiritual experience. When we die, our physical body dies but our spirit lives on, so really, we are a spiritual being having a physical experience. So everything that we do should be from this perspective.

New Age spiritists get this concept very well and are completely open to spiritual experiences and connecting to the spiritual realm. Unfortunately for them, they are connecting to the wrong side. And I think in some cases the church has shied away from this idea because there are so many palm readers, fortune tellers, and other weird activities going on that no one wants to do anything that seems associated with that type of activity. But the activities of others should never negatively influence our relationship with God who, is a spirit (John 4:24), so we have to connect with him on a spiritual level which requires a spiritual lifestyle and perspective. And as we learn to live and walk by the Spirit we pretty quickly find out that there really is a lot more to God than we previously realized. Salvation is great, but it’s just the beginning. Start living from this new perspective and watch how quickly you begin to see your environment differently.

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