Living sacrifice

There’s a certain type of lifestyle that attracts God’s presence. Sadly, someone can be a Christian their entire life and only ever encounter God in the smallest of ways. Why is that? Because in any good relationship, both parties have to be involved and too many people treat their relationship with God as secondary to pretty much anything else in life. Yes, we all have responsibilities but we also tend to waste most of the empty space during our days.

God is attracted to a life that is wholly devoted to him and this is really the crux of Romans 12:1; when we posture ourselves as a living sacrifice it attracts his presence. I constantly find myself praying prayers like “let the life that I live attract so much of your presence that others around me will be impacted.” We were designed to carry his presence but we have to be intentional about pursuing a deeper relationship with him.

But that doesn’t mean being a hermit or never having any fun. It just means that we all need to balance our lives in such a way that there is always room for God in any situation. So what does that look like from a practical standpoint?

1. Intentionally carve out time in each day to spend with God; the more the better.
2. Learn to clearly hear and recognize his voice.
3. Be willing to do anything and go anywhere when God leads.
4. Love everyone you meet even when it is inconvenient.

When we learn to carry his presence it shifts the atmosphere everywhere we go and then we have the amazing privilege of giving people an encounter with God!

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