Love and Honor

A few weeks ago, I met a pastor who is in the early stages of leading his congregation into a supernatural lifestyle. As we talked, I sensed he had a little bit of trepidation on how to maintain a safe environment while training others, and how to keep it from becoming weird. It’s easy for someone to learn something new about the supernatural ways of God and then inadvertently cause some problems if they are not practicing in a safe environment. It’s also easy to get pulled into other supernatural areas that are not of God if you have not yet grown in discernment. So, I understood his concerns. And I shared with him this simple concept that he should teach his congregation to love and honor every person that stands in front of them. If they can do that, the likelihood of their practice hurting someone will be very low. I thought this was a simple concept, but I was surprised when he responded that it was very profound to him. We know from 1 Corinthians 13 that, if we don’t have love, all the spiritual gifts in the world become meaningless. And I like to think that if we really love someone, we will honor them. If we can love and honor every person that stands in front of us, regardless of who they are or the state they are currently in, miracles can happen in the heart as well as in their body, soul, and spirit. It can be tough to love someone who seems to be unlovable, but if we see them the way God does, it becomes easy. And it can be tough to honor someone who is living out a dishonoring lifestyle, but it becomes easy when we see them through God’s eyes. Sometimes people just need to be heard, so we listen. Sometimes they need to know that we care without having a prayer forced upon them. Love and honor everyone before you try to pray for them. It’s not just about seeing a miracle, it’s about impacting a life.

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