Love can make a difference

In the past two weeks I have met two different men who have been shot in the D.C. neighborhood where we minister every week. One wears a cast and a boot on his right leg, the other a cast on his arm. Both were lucky, in some respect, that the bullet only took away a bit of their mobility, and didn’t take their lives, like has happened to many others on these streets. Some see it as a sad reality of their lives, or the unfortunate reality of the area where they live. But it shouldn’t be anyone’s reality, and it’s one of the reasons we are hyper focused on seeing the kingdom of God radically impact this city. We are confident that there are supernatural solutions to the problems people face, regardless of the severity. The same God who can heal an injured knee, can also eliminate violence and anger. These cycles have to end! We know we can make a difference by loving every person we encounter, and we hope that they will not just encounter us, but that they will encounter the God who is able to transform every difficult part of their life with just a word. In Matthew 25, Jesus shared a thought about how the way we treat the least of society, is equivalent to the way we treat him. We won’t give up until we see every life transformed by the power of God. There is hope for everyone in despair and we have, not just the opportunity, but an obligation to our King to love them in the same way we love Jesus. Love really can make a difference!

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