A lot of Christians will try to read the entire Bible this coming year and it’s a noble undertaking for all of us to pursue learning more about our King and his Kingdom. I love reading the Bible. I love sitting and absorbing God’s word any chance I can get. But my favorite thing is to sit and meditate on the same passage of scripture until it gets really deep inside of me. I believe that we will become what we meditate on, good or bad, and I want to fill my mind with as much wisdom as I can so that I can be used in even greater ways by God. Joshua 1:8, Psalm 199:15, and Philippians 4:8 are some of my favorite verses on meditation because they speak of the value of meditating on scripture and give us guarantees of what will happen when we do. For the last few years I have adopted a different method of an annual Bible reading plan. I have a tendency to get stuck on one chapter or just a few verses and spend several weeks soaking up its goodness. That tends to ruin my Bible reading plans so now I take the first month of the year to skim through the entire Bible instead and then I spend the rest of the year meditating on different passages the Holy Spirit highlights to me. It’s not the best method for a new Christian but if you have already read through the Bible a few times and are looking for a different method of study to dig a little deeper, meditation is the way to go. Try it for yourself, pick a passage and stick with it for a few weeks. Read it, ponder it, ask Holy Spirit to reveal something new to you about it, and watch what unfolds.

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