Ministry Success

The truest sign of success in any church or ministry is based on whether or not we are making disciples. One of Jesus’ last commands before leaving the earth is found in Matt 28:19 where he instructs us to go make disciples. That’s really the core mission of the church. I want everyone I meet to have an encounter with God. I want them to feel loved. I want them to feel accepted. I want them to be set free of anything that is holding them back from fulfilling their destiny. I want them to be healed of any sickness or disease that is in their body. But more than all of that, I want them to become a disciple of Jesus; that has to be the ultimate goal. I recognize that someone can be supernaturally healed and still spend eternity in hell because they never accepted Jesus. I want to introduce as many people as I can to this amazing Jesus that I know! We can create great programs, have incredible worship teams, and very polished services, but if people are not giving their lives to Jesus, we are missing the big picture. When I look at the work we are doing, I try to frame it with two simple questions. Are we making disciples? Are we training disciples to make new disciples? If we can answer yes to both of these questions, we’re probably moving in the right direction. Of course, the other variable here is that all of this discipleship needs to happen within the construct of a healthy community of believers who are pursuing deeper relationship with Jesus and who can keep each other accountable. The community piece is one that we have tried to tackle within the church for decades, but I don’t think any of us have found a way to build real community around one or two meetings each week. This is a conversation I am having with the Lord right now about effective strategies to disciple large groups of people within community. The Lord has shown us the numbers of people in Washington D.C. that will give their lives to him, and that number is so large that we are going to need a strategy from heaven. How do you disciple 100,000 people? 200,000 people? Even more people? We have to think on a larger scale so that we can win for the Lamb the reward of his suffering. We all have a role to play in the body of Christ to get Jesus everything that he paid for, so ask him today for the strategies that you need to fulfill your piece of the puzzle, then go make some disciples!

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