Miracles should not be unordinary

I was reading a Bill Johnson book today and he posed the question about why we have enough faith for salvation but not enough faith for healing.  It’s an interesting question because it takes a lot of faith to believe that when we die we are going to heaven.  Anyone who believes in salvation believes in a supernatural realm and since healing flows from that same realm shouldn’t our level of faith for healing match our level of faith for salvation?  If Jesus can save your soul from hell than he can certainly heal your body from sickness.  But in today’s Christian society (and many of the previous generations) we disconnect from that reality and make up excuses like it’s not God’s will to heal me or God’s allowing sickness to teach me something.  These are silly notions!  Jesus died for your salvation and for your healing (see Isaiah 53:5).  God put us in charge of the planet (Gen 1:28) and this world will only get better when we take on the roll for which we are all called.  It’s time to apply the same fervor for salvation to the notion of healing the sick and raising the dead…Matt 10:8.

Miracles should be an ordinary way of life!

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