Miracles vs. Blessings

I love miracles. I love seeing miracles. I love watching the expression on someone’s face change when they realize they just experienced a miracle. It doesn’t matter what the category of miracle it is. It could be a physical healing, it could be the elimination of an emotional problem, it could be receiving freedom from a spiritual problem; it’s fun to see and hear about all types of miracles. But here’s the deal, you can’t have a miracle if you don’t have a problem. In order to be miraculously healed from cancer you first have to have cancer. And I don’t know anyone who would ask for cancer so that they can experience a miracle. Miracles are typically a onetime fix for a particular problem and while we often need miracles for ourselves or others, the goal of life should be to live in a constant state of blessing instead of always needing miracles.

Blessing is a whole different animal. People who are blessed financially don’t need to run to God and ask for a financial miracle when their car breaks down. They just use the money they have already been blessed with. People blessed with good health don’t need miracles to reverse diseases because there is no disease to be reversed. And the list of examples could go on forever. So blessings are actually better than miracles because they are perpetual instead of one time fixes.

Pursue miracles when you need them, but pursue blessing even more so that you won’t ever need the miracle.

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