More than Words

When Daniel encountered the angel in Daniel chapter 10 his fear brought him the ground and made it difficult for him to breathe but the angel then said something I find very interesting.  He said, “…be strong now; be strong (v.19).”  The angel spoke strength into Daniel just as God spoke the universe into being.  I didn’t used to think much about the power of words and I was pretty sarcastic but the more I learned about how words carry an assignment it made me realize how important it is to be very careful about what we say.  When we speak into others’ lives something takes place in the supernatural realm that release what we have declared.  We can speak blessings or curses but why would we want to speak anything negative when we have the honor of speaking great things into people’s lives?  I love that God spoke the world into existence and that Isaiah 55:11 says his words always achieve their purpose.  I like to think that as His representatives we can speak on His behalf.  And when the words we speak come into agreement with His words it changes the reality that we live in.  Daniel was weak and the angel released the opposite of weakness.  So when we encounter someone who is afraid we can release peace, or when we come across someone who is sad we can give them joy.  Start speaking in agreement and you’ll start seeing amazing things happen.  Start speaking blessings over people’s lives and you’ll see a change in the way they live.


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