My Word for the year…drumroll…

For the past few years, I have  resolved to no New Years Resolutions. I know, it’s contradictory even as a statement.  But the disappointment of not completing a goal or even being further behind on a promise I made to myself was making me feel like a failure.  I would literally add things to my checklist that I had already done just so I could check it off. I mean who does that? No judgement here if you do 🙂 .
So, a few years ago I heard my pastor, Mark Batterson, tell us that he doesn’t do resolutions. I got so excited when he said it! He said he does do a word and a Bible verse for the year. I loved the idea and have since embraced it as my own. It’s like I get to create a theme for my year. Of course, not only would I have a word and a verse, but in true Lauren form, I have would choose a song too. Kinda like my theme song if I was a tv star or an MLB player going up to bat.

The problem was, with a whole dictionary full of words, how could I choose just one to define my year?  And how would I know if I picked the right one?  Would my one word define my experiences for the whole year and would God be pleased with my choice?  Would the word I chose be the one that God would choose for me?  I realized that I was completely overthinking the simplicity of choosing one word over a list of demands to put on myself.  So, I simply asked God, “What word would you have for me this year?”  And low and behold, I heard an answer.  My word for the last two years was the same.  LOVE.  Apparently I needed to really embrace what that meant, not only for me, but for others as well.  I also had to learn how to love God even when I didn’t FEEL like He was loving me at that moment.  I learned the truth:God is still God even when I don’t feel like He is being God to or for me. God is still God even when I don’t feel like He is being God to or for me. WOAH, this was some crazy deep revelation that I had a hard time swallowing.  God was still God and He loved me, even when I couldn’t feel His presence?  Even when I felt like my dreams had been waylaid?  Even when those we love die unexpectedly?  Even when I see others healed and I am still waiting for my own healing? Yes, even then.

So, as I explained before, I am a lifelong learner and I learned in the last 2 years that Love really is all we need, so to speak.  Once we learn to love ourselves as God loves us, it gets easier to love those around us.  After some time in prayer and worship , I knew what my word for 2016 was going to be….  HOPE.  In a world where people live everyday without it, I have taken advantage of this life, this blessing of living, in contentment and striving.  I am being intentional to bring this into every aspect of my life.

My word for 2016- HOPE.

My verse – Hebrews 6:11 MSG: And now I want each of you to extend that same intensity toward a full- bodied hope, and keep at it till the finish.

My song- Louie Armstrong: “It’s a Wonderful World”

Hope along with me, y’all.  Let’s be intensely hopeful for a better world and a beautiful restoration of HOPE.  Hope along with me. Be intensely hopeful for a better world & beautiful restoration of HOPE.

2 Responses to “My Word for the year…drumroll…”

  • Marcy Says:

    Nice! Thanks for sharing your heart. Love it.

  • Jeanne Markham Says:

    My love Lauren,
    You have always loved others before yourself even when you were young.
    Even now, I see how you love others as you’ve done before. I believe God has given you extra portion of His love on top of yours.
    In this 2016, many will find HOPE through your love. I love you till I go home. mom.