Understanding God might seem tough especially when we look at the world around us and try to make sense of why he allows all the craziness we see on a regular basis. But once we get a feel for his nature it makes it a lot easier to realize that he is actively working to get us where he needs us to be. God’s early interaction with creation gives us some great insight into that nature; one of his first actions after creating mankind was to bless us. His relationship with Adam started with a blessing and an invitation to co-create with him by naming all the animals. God shows us right from the beginning that it is his nature to hang out with us, give us opportunities to help him, and to lavish his love on us. The problem is that we allow our perspective of God to be skewed by life’s situations and then start to wonder if he cares or if he is even listening. Throughout the Old Testament we see Israel in this constant back and forth struggle between following God or joining in on what the surrounding nations were doing. What I find so amazing about this is that God consistently responds with an invitation for the people to come back to him. Yes, there are prophecies about judgment but that judgment was only released because the nation ignored the invitation. Many of the bible’s prophetic books include God’s desire for the people to reconcile with him and have the added bonus of immediate restoration. His desire is to bless his creation. His nature is to see us succeed in the plans he has for us. It’s a new year so let’s start it off with the right perspective of what God thinks about all of us and toss aside any notion that doesn’t line up with his nature.


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