New Structure

During this past month, I have been having an ongoing conversation with the Lord about what is happening in this season, about what he is doing behind the scenes, and about the change that he is going to bring about within the body of Christ. A few days ago, the Lord took me in a dream, to an old cathedral in Europe and began to show me that there is something missing within the structure of the body of Christ—something that has been missing for a long time, and that he is about to fill that gap. Within the dream, I saw an old stone wall that had been split open and the gap between the two pieces was filled with a new material that could provide greater structure. I was able to move back and forth through time to see the before and after of this change and was amazed that the structure did not collapse during the process.

The following morning the Lord told me that he is adding a missing element into the belief system of the body. This is not about individual congregations or denominations. This is about a change to the entire body of Christ. Something new is coming, something we have been missing, something that we need in this season that will give the Kingdom of God a greater influence in the earth. Our job in this is to stay focused on what our King is doing, to shift our perspectives so that they line up with what he is releasing, and to be willing to make a change anywhere in our lives, ministries, etc. so that we are in perfect sync with him. I am always excited to see the Lord do something new, and even more excited by the idea that he is restoring something that was lost hundreds of years ago. This journey is never boring. Stay focused on him and watch the amazing things he starts to do through you!

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