No Limitations

Sometimes I feel like believers think there are different categories of Christians and that only some Christians are called to do the things that Jesus did. It’s this idea that God chooses to give gifts to certain people who are holier and everyone else just has to live a “regular” Christian life. I’ve also seen the other side of the coin and I know people who do not have a healthy relationship with Christ and yet they routinely see miracles when they pray for people. And they use the miracle lifestyle they have seen as an excuse to validate the negative areas of their lives. It’s a “God does miracles thorough me so he must approve of everything else in my life” kind of thinking. Both of these viewpoints are skewed and tend to come from a lack of understanding the identity that God created all of us to walk out. The last part of Ephesians chapter one tells us that Jesus has taken his place on his throne in heaven and is “far above all rule and authority and power and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this age but also in the one to come.”
Jesus is the ruler over everything. Everything in all of creation, the physical realm and the spiritual realm, is under the authority of Jesus. Everything must bow before him; every sickness, every disease, and every problem has to bow before him. If Jesus walked into the devil’s house, the devil would immediately fall to the ground and bow before him; he might not like it, but he will do it because every atom in his being recognizes the authority of Jesus. And if we keep reading into the next chapter of Ephesians we find out in verse six that God has seated us with Jesus. We are sitting right next to Jesus on his throne. That means that everything that is under Jesus’ feet is also under our feet. Every Christian occupies this position. We have all been given authority over the physical and spiritual realms. And when we learn to fully live from that authority we will see the things that destroy people’s lives disappear when we show up.
Of course, we have to exercise a bit of faith and I have learned that a miracle working lifestyle tends to start small but it quickly grows as we continue to step out. No other part of creation has been given the honor and privilege of representing Jesus on earth and there are no limitations to what any Christian can do if we just use a little faith. Try something in faith today and see what happens!

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