No more ceilings

I have been to many churches that believe in the gifts of the Spirit but never actually see anyone healed, prophesy, or move in the gifts other than speaking in tongues. It is really sad because there is so much more we can accomplish but ministry in most churches is based on the ceiling set by the beliefs of the leadership. The leadership determines what practices and beliefs will be acceptable and it is often their level of faith that determines how much God will do in and through the congregation. Romans 13 starts out with a mandate to obey those who are in authority over us because they have been put in place by God and one thing I have observed is that God often respects those authorities as well even when they choose to limit God’s promises and gifts.

A person can see miracles happen one after the other in a church where the leadership allows a lot of freedom but see no miracles at all in a church full of restrictions. Is it a different God? No, but the leadership determines what they will allow God to do even if they don’t realize they have placed him inside the box of their limited theological viewpoints. Theology is great but sometimes we let our experiences create a personal theology that isn’t in the heart of God and what we should do is trade that in for a deeper intimacy because the combination of intimacy and good theology make for a powerful ministry.

Serve your leaders with respect and honor, pray for them to have amazing encounters with God, and pray that the ceiling they have set is raised so God can pour out everything he has planned.

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