I was thinking today about how our path to ministry is completely non-traditional and different from most people who go into full time ministry. We never went to a bible college, attended a ministry school, or have any formal education in theology. My background is in computer science and Lauren’s is in the social work field. And yet, we each had encounters with God that shifted the trajectory of our lives into a new direction. The fact that it was so non-traditional has actually helped us to develop strategies and visions that are very much outside the box of what is typically seen within the mission of a church. Several years ago, someone prophesied that the new movement in the church was going to trend towards smaller home-based meetings as opposed to, what has become the traditional meetings, in church buildings. And we have seen some major movement in that direction already with Francis Chan walking away from his megachurch to start a house church movement. We have also witnessed a lot of home-based gatherings popping up more dynamically around the nation as people are feeling the need to have more intimate gatherings with believers. Most of these movements are also very non-traditional ways to gather believers, build community, and worship God. Even the idea of ministry schools is non-traditional in comparison to seminary or other bible college programs. Here’s what I love about all of this, Holy Spirit is so creative, and it seems as if he is shifting the paradigm of church, ministry, and ministers to be defined and developed in a whole new way. I feel like we have only just begun to see the non-traditional overtake the traditional, and that we will continue to see even more of this over the next few years. If you feel like God is calling you into something that you have never been trained or qualified to do, be encouraged, he loves to do things in non-traditional ways. Forget about whether or not you are qualified, and follow where Holy Spirit is leading you. Some people will think you’re crazy, lots of people seem to think we are crazy, but we just keep following Holy Spirit and he gives us new adventures every week. New adventures are waiting for you as well; are you willing to look a little foolish to do what God is calling you to?

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