Now What?

One common question we receive while introducing believers to Holy Spirit is “what do we do now?” It’s so important to learn about the gifts of the Spirit and be trained on how to hear and recognize God’s voice. We love to teach on these topics. We love to watch someone who has never seen a miracle, pray, and see a miracle occur in front of their eyes. We love to see the reaction of someone who recognizes God’s voice for the first time. But once they leave the safety of a training environment, they need a way to continue practicing what they have learned. The problem we run into is that so few churches are actively pursuing and utilizing the gifts of the Spirit so, while it’s easy to train someone, it’s not so easy to keep them in a place of continual spiritual growth. There has to be another way, and there is. Here’s the deal, this is more than just a weekend training. It has to be a lifestyle of walking out our true identity. Do you want to know why movies like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Twilight are so popular? Because we were made for a supernatural lifestyle. Supernatural stories speak to us so loudly because it is part of who we are! The difference, of course, lies in who we serve and where the power comes from. God created us to represent him on the earth and he released supernatural gifts to us so that we can give others the encounter they need; an encounter that will shift them into their destiny. We can’t be successful without the gifts of the Spirit but the gifts also can’t be relegated to the inside of a building. We have to take it outside, into the places where people are hurting, and bring them the healing and restoration that they crave. So, when I hear someone say, “what do we do now?” My answer is simple. Freely you have received, freely give (Matt. 10:8). Go, give away what Jesus have given to you. You may be looked at as foolish or crazy by some people. Don’t worry about that, just honor and love everyone you meet, and when the opportunity is there, introduce them to Jesus through signs and miracles. It really is that easy. Now, let’s go change the world.

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