One encounter

I really believe that one true encounter with God is all it takes to see a person’s life completely transformed. It doesn’t matter what their lifestyle is before the encounter, it will be radically different afterwards. Look at Paul, he was taking a road trip to go persecute Christians when suddenly his encounter happened. I don’t doubt that many Christians would have been imprisoned or murdered if Jesus had not knocked him off of his horse on that fateful day. But instead of murder, a murderer was transformed into an apostle—and it all started with one encounter. I recently heard Leif Hetland teach about how we have to be able to look at Saul and see Paul, we have to be able to look at a terrorist and see what they can become, we have to see people through their destiny and not their history. We have the opportunity to give the world an encounter with Jesus. Gun control isn’t the answer to ending violence, Jesus is. Drone strikes are not the answer to ending terrorism, Jesus is. Jesus is the answer for every problem and situation so let’s get out there and give this world what they truly need. One healing, one prophecy, one word of knowledge is all it takes to reset a life back onto the path they were destined for all along. It’s time to stop playing church and start being the church Jesus described. Get out there and get Jesus everything he paid for!

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