Back when I was going through basic training for my military service, there were some common phrases we would hear the training instructors yell at us on a fairly regular basis. We would hear things like, “I can’t believe you’re not done yet!”, “what’s your major malfunction?”, or, “what part of (fill in the blank) don’t you understand?” These were all very pointed questions to get someone back in line with what they needed to be doing. Sometimes I think it would be valuable for Jesus to ask us some very pointed questions as well. I once heard someone say that people who have served in the military have a tendency to step into supernatural ministry a lot easier than others, because they understand the concept of authority. Military members understand the importance of following orders as well as the authority to give orders. Military members understand that orders need to be carried out, regardless of personal opinion, or potential risk. An order is an order and it is given to accomplish the mission at hand. Being a follower of Jesus is a lot like serving in the military. When you join the military, you give your life to a cause, and you give up a certain degree of your rights for as long as you wear the uniform. When you give your life to Jesus, you give your life to Jesus. It’s not yours anymore. You give up your right to do what you want to do. You have put yourself into the service of a king. And not just any king, but the King of all kings. And yet, many of us live out our Christian lives from a perspective that we can just check a few boxes and then do whatever we want with the rest of our lives. But that’s not how it is supposed to work out. Sometimes I wonder if it would be beneficial if Jesus popped his head into the door and asked a pointed question like, “what right do you have to refuse the order of your King?” We have a King who has given us some serious orders and we (the church) haven’t done a great job following those orders. We all need to be in this together, pursuing what the heart of our King is focused on, and not giving up until he receives everything that he paid for!

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