Outcasts are Coming!

I was watching a movie last week, and right in the middle of the film, Holy Spirit began to speak to me about what he is doing this year with a particular group of people. It’s kind of funny, but Holy Spirit talks to me a lot when I am in a movie theater. I’m not entirely sure why he choses that particular time, but it happens often enough that I have come to expect divine encounters while munching on popcorn in front of a large screen. Anyways, this move was filled with prophetic messages, even though I doubt the actors or directors were aware of it.

Holy Spirit began to show me that this is the year when outcasts will be brought to the forefront and recognized for their value to society. There are different groups of people of have been rejected and outcast from society simply because they are different, and they have been deeply wounded as a result. This is the year that God will begin to restore them to their proper place, and in the process, bring an abundance of healing to their lives. It won’t look like what we expect, and some of it will even seem counter to Biblical values on the surface. But people must be brought into the light before the healing can begin. I expect that we will see this play out in a variety of ways. We see, and minister to, so many broken people every week who fall into this category, so I am excited to see how God orchestrates these changes.

The movie, if you are wondering, and I know you are, is The Greatest Showman. Go see it for yourself; maybe you will pick up on the same message.

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