Past failures

Your past does not define your future. Your past mistakes do not dictate how God can and will use you. All it takes is a willing heart and he will realign your purpose. We often get caught in this mindset that God can’t use us because we have done so many wrong things but if that was the case then the purpose of Jesus’ death would be greatly limited. Paul is easily the best example of this. He was at worst a murderer and at best a violent representative of the High Priest. And yet one day God shifts his direction. I find it interesting that the story doesn’t show Paul as this guy on a pursuit of Jesus but just one encounter changed his focus. And Paul went on to pen almost half of the New Testament! From murderer to God’s mouthpiece. That’s a dramatic difference. Jesus didn’t die to make you worthy, he died because you were already worthy of the sacrifice. Don’t ever let your past mistakes lessen the value of his sacrifice and don’t ever live from a perspective that all you can do is barely slide into heaven. All of heaven is behind us in the instant that we commit our lives to Jesus. His love is too great to put limits on what he will do for us. There are no limitations so know that you are worthy of the sacrifice, worthy to be used for great things, and worthy to pull heaven to earth everywhere you go.

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