“Be perfect, therefore, as you heavenly Father is perfect;” that’s a big requirement Jesus gave in Matthew 5:48 and one that most of us probably think is out of reach or completely impossible. But I have this theory, if Jesus tells us to do something, it’s possible for us to do it. Jesus made other seemingly impossible statements about healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, and doing greater things than he did. If you are of the belief that the supernatural ways of God have never ceased, then you probably familiar with God’s desire to work through people to bring about supernatural results and you know that these things are not outside of our reach. But this whole idea of being perfect is a tough one to think about, probably because it is something we cannot logically picture as a state we can achieve on this side of eternity. But Jesus said it, so it is possible!

One of the things that stands out to me in Jesus’ earthly ministry is that he was 100% accurate with every prophecy, word of knowledge, and any other spiritual gift he used. And he healed every person that came to him. I wonder if he operated at this high level because of his perfection. It’s common in most healing meetings to see 10%-20% of the attendees healed but what would it take to see 100% all the time? Jesus talked about how a mustard seed’s amount of faith could move a mountain so I don’t think it requires a ton of faith to see greater levels of the miraculous. But it might be attached to this perfection idea. If we could live out a perfect life, I suspect we would have zero distractions to keep us from clearly hearing God’s voice for every situation we encounter and we would be able to bring the solution every person needs. Of course, this is just a theory because Jesus is the only person to ever live a perfect life. But, he left the door open for us to follow in his footsteps of perfection and if we are supposed to represent him, then maybe, just maybe, we have a chance at hitting that mark and operating at a much higher supernatural gifting level.

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