PETA vs. Human Trafficking

I suffered through a 90 second commercial about animals who were being mistreated and I had to wonder why we never see commercials like this about humans being mistreated.  I get it, animal cruelty is bad.  But I think maybe human cruelty is at least a little bit worse.  Do you know that there are more people in slavery today than there ever has been since the beginning of time?  IJM estimates there are currently 30 million people in slavery around the world; that’s more than the slave trade of the 1800’s, more than the number of Israelites enslaved by the Egyptians, and more than were ever enslaved in this country.  So maybe instead of focusing on animal cruelty we should take some time to focus on freeing slaves.  I’ll make this promise, when human slavery is eradicated from the earth I will donate money to PETA.  Until then, let’s get focused on more serious problems.

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