Playground Experiences

Imagine the kingdom of heaven as a giant playground where you are free to explore God’s creation.  Think about that for a minute. Jesus said we need to become like little children to enter into the kingdom (Matt 18:3) and what do kids love to do more than anything else? Play! I remember as a little kid loving to play on monkey bars or any other playground equipment; I even fractured my arm once taking the risk of getting on the tall ones and then falling off. Kids are fearless until someone teaches them to be afraid. So what if we took the same approach of entering the kingdom of heaven with childlike abandonment and with no fear of how high the monkey bars are, or how difficult the challenge seems to be. The Christian life is supposed to be about risk. It’s supposed to be about taking the risk of partnering with God in faith with an expectation that something amazing will happen as a result. But the risk should be fun. If we take this playground approach, kids take risks but they are having fun while they do it. I love engaging with complete strangers on the street because I get to deliver a gift that only God can give. The only real risk I am taking here is to be rejected but I have learned to ignore that element because the reward of seeing a life completely transformed is worth the small risk of rejection. So the kingdom of heaven has become my playground and playing on the playground brings joy, happiness, and excitement as we discover all that God has planned for us.

So what are you waiting for?

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