Presence focused lifestyle

The presence of God is one of the most mysterious and attractive things to me. No human could possibly understand the depth of God, and yet he invites us into this incredible relationship where we get to pursue spending time in his presence, and in his presence, we are forever changed! We can’t pursue him too much, and most of the time, we don’t pursue him enough. But when we are intentional to just listen, we will hear him speak the most incredible things to us. There are so many mysteries that can be revealed when we sit in his presence. People used to flock to Jerusalem to hear the wisdom of Solomon, and he was just a man. People longed to hear Solomon share his advice on any subject, and even with all his wisdom, it was like a grain of sand compared to the wisdom of our King. He has the answer to every question, advice for every situation, and strategies for every problem. What would it look like to simply sit at the feet of Jesus for an entire day? No agenda, no requests, no distractions, just sitting at his feet, worshiping him, and listening to the words he speaks. What would it look like if we went to him for the solutions to our problems, and didn’t leave his presence until the solution was presented? Could the world be changed by radical believers who are determined to hear directly from the throne of God, and then take action on what they heard? I think so. I think the world could change very quickly, and that the kingdom of God could greatly expand in an accelerated fashion, if we only spent more time in his presence. Here’s a challenge for all of us to take on: double the amount of time you spend in his presence for the next few months and see what happens, what changes, and what moves out of the way.

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