Press in

It’s so easy to get distracted or discouraged when life isn’t exactly how we imagined or hoped it would be. And staying focused on the truth of who God is can be tough when we spend many years waiting to see a promise fulfilled. Philippians 4:12-14 gives us this idea that we need to press on towards what God has for us while we set aside everything else. It’s not always easy and may even feel like a difficult task at times but when we are intentional about focusing on Jesus all the other issues of life become a lot smaller in comparison to our big God.

And as we press into his presence we will find the peace that we need and the strength to keep moving forward. Life should never be lived outside of the presence of God. Jesus’ discussion with the disciples in John 15 is such an amazing example of how we must stay connected to him at all times. Everything we need in life flows through that relationship. We can’t do anything without him but with him we can do anything.

Press in, you’ll be glad that you did.

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