How important is a promise? Does it matter who made the promise? What if God made you a promise? How important would that promise be? I suspect that almost anyone would agree that a promise from God carries more weight than a promise from any person. And since God is the only one in the universe able to ensure that 100% of his promises come true, that would make his promises the most important ones that anyone can receive. We all make promises, but we are not always able to keep those promises, and actually make them happen. With God, this is different, if he made a promise, it has to happen. There are no other alternatives. There is nothing that can keep him from bringing it into our reality. If God said it, it has to happen. Any other possibility would challenge his omnipotence and sovereignty. If God has made you a promise, you can be assured that it will become a reality. It may not happen along the timeline you hope for, but it will happen. And it will happen exactly when God intended it to when he spoke the promise. There is nothing you can do to stop it. There is nothing anyone else can do to stop it. Ezekiel 12:25 tells us that everything God speaks will be performed, and Jeremiah 1:12 tells us that God watches over the words that he speaks to make sure they are performed. He doesn’t just make the promise, he keeps track of it, and monitors it, to make sure it is performed in the proper time. If you are holding onto a promise (or promises), keep holding on. We can take comfort in our waiting seasons by knowing that there are many promises in the Bible that still haven’t occurred. One great example from current news is the promise God made to Abraham about the promised land. This still isn’t fully complete. And there are many other prophesies in the Old and New Testaments that have not yet occurred. But they will all happen, just like every promise he made to you, in the proper time. If God said it, it has to happen. There is no other possibility. Rest in the assurance that his promises are guaranteed.

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