Prophetic Faith

If you have been around churches or church conferences where prophecy is common, you have more than likely received a few prophetic words. It can be fun and exhilarating to hear someone recount God’s plans for your future but these events often leave a few blazing questions in our minds not the least of which is the question of when it will happen. It’s pretty rare for a prophecy to come true instantaneously and most people who receive promises from God in this way tend to go through a season of waiting before the promise becomes a physical reality. There’s a lot of precedence for this in the Bible; Abraham and Sarah waited more than a decade for Isaac to be born, the Israelites (and the rest of the world) waited for thousands of years for the Messiah to be born, and all Christians continue to wait for the promise of the return of Jesus.

Waiting isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if you have been holding onto a promise for a long time. I know that I personally have a list of promises I have been waiting on for many years so I understand the waiting game very well. But is seems to be so common that, as we wait, we start to wonder if something happened along the way that kept the promise from occurring. Here’s a scenario for you to think about; Bob goes to a conference and while he is there the speaker picks him out of the crowd and prophesies that God is going to do something very specific in his life. This is exciting for Bob! He writes down what the speaker said, takes it home with him, thanks God for it, and declares it over his life on a regular basis. But after a year goes by Bob begins to wonder why the promise hasn’t happened yet. He starts to wonder if he did something that kept it from happening. He ponders if maybe he didn’t have enough faith to see the promise come about. Doubt really sets in, and Bob becomes discouraged, the complete opposite of how he felt a year earlier. This is a common occurrence and I’m sure many of the readers of this post will be able to relate to at least part of this scenario.

So here’s the deal, if God makes a promise, he always keeps it, and, unless he puts a condition on his promise, it is guaranteed to happen. I don’t believe that we can do anything to keep God’s promises from being fulfilled in our lives but we often get confused when a significant amount of time passes without anything happening. And we start to think that we did something wrong, or didn’t have enough faith, or that the person who gave the prophecy was wrong. Hang in there and don’t stop believing. Many people have walked this same path before you and God has always proven himself to be faithful. He will do what he promised.

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