Reconciliation is here

Have you been praying about being reconciled to old friends, family members, or even people who have hurt you in the past? Have you been asking God to restore relationships that are important to you? I have great news! We are now in a season of divine reconciliation. The Lord has spoken to me in several dreams over the past week about reconciliation, and he has allowed me to see a lot of healing and forgiveness being poured into people’s lives as they reconcile with each other. I have seen the Lord stir the hearts of people to ask for forgiveness, and I have seen so much grace that supernatural transformations are going to take place as a result. I feel like we have come into a season where the wounds and hurts from the past are going to be erased as old friends become friends again. The hang-ups and hurts from the past are going to be erased. Don’t be surprised if people from your past reach out to you in an attempt to reconcile. This is a supernatural move of God to help people release the bitterness, anger, and shame that they have carried for so long. It’s a time of healing and restoration.
Listen, if there is someone you need to forgive, you should do that right now; that is a major key to reconciliation. And if someone asks you for forgiveness, give it to them, even if they don’t deserve it. Jesus, who makes all things new, desires to renew and restore every area of our lives. I have been praying myself for reconciliation with my brothers, so this is great news for me. God will give you the grace that you need to walk through this process. It is his plan, so we should all fully embrace it with great expectation!

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