Can you believe that God does not count our sins against us? 1 Cor 5:19 shows us that our mistakes are not his focus. He’s not looking for perfect people, he’s just looking for willing people. His focus is on reconciliation between him and people. Isn’t that amazing? God is not keeping a log book of every mistake we make. Jesus already died for the sins of the world so when he looks at us he can look past the mistakes and focus on getting us cleaned up and lined up with the mission he has for us.

But, it gets better because this same verse tells us that God has also given the task of reconciliation to us. It’s one more way we get to partner with God. We get to participate in the process of introducing people to our amazing Father and we don’t have to focus on the sin piece. We don’t have to judge. We don’t have to convict. We don’t have to condemn. We can sit with the hurting and broken with the same compassion of Jesus and demonstrate how badly God wants to be with them.

It’s so freeing to know that God isn’t focused on sin and we don’t have to be focused on it either. Walk in that freedom and carry it to others.

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