I’ve been thinking about relevance lately, and how our attempts to be relevant in today’s society can sometimes conflict with the concept of pursuing the idea of bringing God’s kingdom to earth. It’s easy to lose sight of the target when we get distracted by the current popular movement of the day, but we have to remember that when we say yes to Jesus, we are saying yes to a king, and not just any king, but the King of all kings. This is a concept we don’t have a good reference point for in Western civilization, probably because we are too many years removed from the times when kings ruled many of the nations of the world. In that era, when you bowed before a king and offered your life to his service, you gave him complete control to determine your destiny. The king decided every facet of every capacity you would serve him. He decided where you were sent, what you were to do, and when you were to return. When you bowed before the king, you did it knowing that you were giving him control over your life. So, when we serve the King of kings, we give our lives into his service, no matter what the cost, or what he requires for us. But how do we stay relevant when we are tied to his decisions? It’s easy. Jesus told us to seek first his kingdom, and taught us to pray for that kingdom to come to earth. The world is hungry for authenticity. This generation craves truth and is drawn to the supernatural. If we make His Kingdom relevant on earth, we will instantly become relevant in every sphere of society. If we keep that as our primary focus, everything else will fall into place.

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