Religion or Relationship

If you ask a Christian about their religious beliefs one of the most common answers you will get back is a quick quip about how Christianity is a relationship not a religion. That’s quite a true statement but if you ask them what it means the answer will be much more varied. Unfortunately, the sad truth is that most believers never move past the level of an infant in their relationship with God because they have never been taught how to pursue something deeper. Many Christians are simply content with going to church once a week and doing their best to live a good Christian lifestyle. They will get to heaven but they will miss out on a lot more fun on earth if the top end of their pursuit is nothing more than a weekly service. There is so much more of God that we haven’t discovered because we are not taking the time to passionately pursue him in a way that draws greater levels his attention and affection to us. I tend to think that Abraham was probably on a pursuit before God called him to move to a new location and father a nation. I tend to think that Noah had a different relationship with God if he was the one chosen to build the ark. You see, the ones who passionately pursue God get to play a much bigger role in his plan on earth instead of just standing by and watching what happens.

So the challenge is this; start pursuing him with a greater level of passion. Start each day with the intentionality of seeking his presence and spending time with him. Make an effort to make the relationship more than just ankle deep. God has so much more for you but you have to want it and you have to go after it!

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