Restoration of Hope

hopeI have this crazy idea that people can live life without suffering through depression, anxiety, despair, and discouragement. I have this crazy idea that a little hope can go a long way and since we have the hope of the world inside of us we get to release that hope everywhere we go. So many people are living in hopelessness but it doesn’t have to be that way. We can bring a change that no else can. We owe it to the world to give them an encounter with Jesus and one encounter is all it takes to restore them back to a place that is full of hope. This is a season where most of us go the extra mile to bless those in need and I feel like God is also about to release something new in this season.

I believe that Jesus is coming to restore hope to the nations. People who have lived in despair will fear no more and people who have wondered when will soon see what they have been waiting for. The time of restoration is here. The time of recompense is here. The time of hope is here. It will come in like a flood and wash away all the hopelessness. People will wonder about the fear they used to have and be amazed at how quickly it was washed off of them. The Spirit of God will rinse them clean just like the water from a fire hose will easily rinse away dirt. The enemy has stolen their hope. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy. He has stolen what God has given but it is being taken from him and delivered back as a finely wrapped Christmas present. This is a season many call the season of hope and this year the slogan will manifest into reality.

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