The revelation of God is one of the most important things we need throughout life. We all have decisions that need to be made about jobs we should take, places to live, etc. and we need God’s direction on the choices we should make. This is an area that I often hear believers reference when making big decisions and it is so important to press into the presence of God to receive the direction that is needed. Intimacy with the Father is the place where we often see his plans revealed and wisdom released and as we go deeper in our relationship with him we learn so much more about his plans and purpose for our lives. If you are in a season of transition, uncertainty, or even turmoil, don’t focus on what’s happening around you right now. Focus instead on the love of our amazing Papa and all that he wants to lavish on you. Isaiah 40:31 tells us “those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength” and the Hebrew word that is used here for wait can also be translated as expect or hope. So when we rest in his presence we can expect that he will release not only strength but also the revelation we need. God is so much more interested in giving us revelation than we are in receiving it so press in, don’t give up, and you will see your breakthrough.

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