A few weeks ago I heard the Lord say that this month is Shift-tember. He renamed the month to represent the finalization of the shiftings that have been happening in many of our lives and ministries. I feel like we have finally entered into a season where all the shifting and transitions that have been occurring for several years are starting to come to an end and that we are going to start to see the plans of the Lord solidify in our lives. Many of us have been waiting for major breakthroughs in different areas like finances, health, or restored relationships, and I feel like we are entering into a season where the things we have contended for in prayer are starting to break through and manifest in our lives. Hold strong! Don’t give up or give in! There is nothing the enemy can do to stop the promises of God. If you have been holding on to promises for a long time, as we have, know that the time is here for some and will be here very soon for others. God’s timeline can be very confusing; we often find ourselves wondering why things are taking so long or why God hasn’t just instantly decreed something to happen in our lives. But there are so many pieces to his plans that we cannot see and we have to trust that he has everything in control. Many times, God is aligning other people to come alongside of us but we have to wait until they are prepared before those connections happen. Your patience will pay off! Your persistence will pay off! Your pursuit of what God has called you to will pay off! The payoff will come in ways you don’t expect it so keep pursuing and keep pressing in. It’s easy to lose hope, but stay focused on what God is doing and you will see his hand move you into the place you need to be. Shift-tember is here.

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