Well, it’s been an interesting week of people and things shifting into place. There’s a lot happening in the spiritual realm right now. Angels are being realigned and released as God breathes freshly across this nation in the same way he breathed life into Adam. Half of the nation seems to be in fear at the result of this election but there is no reason for us to fear. God is doing something new and we should stand with excitement and watch as he unfolds his plan and invites all of us to participate with him. I, for one, am excited because I can feel the anticipation in the spiritual realm and have felt an increase in spiritual activity over the past few months. I feel like we are entering a season like the world has never seen before, or at least hasn’t seen for a long time. So how do we posture ourselves for this? It’s easy, keep your ears open to the Holy Spirit, be willing to make adjustments as he directs, and follow the wave wherever it takes you. I keep hearing people saying that we are living in the most exciting time and it is so true! These next few months and into the New Year are going to bring some exciting changes from heaven and I even feel like God is releasing surprise gifts to his children that will be exactly what we have been praying for. Stay hungry, keep your focus on Him, and enjoy the ride.

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