Shifting Atmospheres

When you turn the light on in a dark room the darkness in the room doesn’t get to decide whether or not it wants to leave. It cannot exist in the same space where light exists. As soon as the light turns on, the darkness disappears. In Matt. 5, Jesus refers to us as the light of the world, so when you, who Jesus called the light of the world, walk into a room full of spiritual darkness, that darkness has to leave. It doesn’t have a choice. Darkness should run from you because you carry a great big light inside of you. But the problem is that most followers of Jesus are not walking the identity or authority that they have been given. I don’t think this is a result of a lack of belief, I think it’s a failure of the church to properly disciple believers, which leads to a lack of understanding of our true identity in Christ. Honestly, I think we add complication to the Bible when we create a lot of theological viewpoints. It makes more sense to just read what Jesus said and then replicate that everywhere we go. We literally have the ability to shift the atmosphere of every house, school, business, government office, church, park, street…you get the point, when we show up everything should change for the better. Creation is longing for us to fully step into the role for which we have been created. Shifting atmospheres should be an everyday part of life for anyone who follows Christ. Sadly, not having this understanding firmly rooted within us keep us from doing what the world needs most—the light of Jesus! Fortunately, the concept is simple enough. Jesus said, we just need to believe it. Take hold of that reality, start shifting atmospheres, change the world, and go get Jesus everything he paid for!

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