Simple Faith

How much faith do you have? Is it enough to believe for miracles? Is it enough to see someone raised from the dead? These questions may seem a little intimidating if you don’t think you have this level of faith, but if you understood the fullness of what Jesus did, you would realize that you, and every other believer, already has enough faith to do everything that Jesus did, and more. Jesus’ death on the cross to provide the world with salvation is the greatest of all miracles. Nothing compares to it. If we never saw anything else supernatural happen during his walk on earth, or during our own lives, this one supernatural salvation event would still be the greatest thing to ever happen in the universe. But before Jesus died on the cross, he endured an excruciating beating at the hands of the Roman soldiers. Isaiah 53:5 says, “…by his stripes we are healed.” The death on the cross paid for salvation, but the stripes, the beating of Jesus, is what paid for healing. And that payment was made before Jesus was ever hung on the cross. So, if salvation is the greatest miracle, that makes healing a lesser miracle. Now pay attention, here’s where the faith part comes in. I’ll ask again, how much faith do you have? Do you have enough faith to believe for salvation? If you are a follower of Jesus, the answer is definitely yes! You have already exercised enough faith to believe that Jesus died for you and receive the salvation he offers. And since you have faith for the greatest miracle of all time, that means that you also have more than enough faith for any lesser miracle. If you have enough faith to be saved, you have enough faith to see the sick healed, the dead raised, and any other supernatural event God wants to do through you, because they are all lesser miracles. This is why Jesus could compare our level of faith with a mustard seed, because it takes very little to believe for amazing things to happen. The gospel really is that simple. Now, what are you waiting for? Go exercise a little faith and watch how quickly God shows up!

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